« Digital Humanities » and « Computational Modelling with Functional and Evolutionary Genomics of Infectious Diseases”.

Summary of the event of the 3rd of December 2019

PHC MAIMONIDE_affichette_3122019The French Institute hosted on December 3rd two scientific seminars, organised in the framework of the Israel – France Maimonides excellence research program. Six french-israeli teams presented the results of two years of successful combined research, in front of the scientific community and students.

Four transdisciplinary presentations were given on the topic of “Digital Humanities”, breaking barriers between Social Sciences and the Digital world. This led to outbreaking discoveries, helping understand under a new light topics such as Hominin behaviour, Hebrew manuscripts, the alphabet‘s development, or even reactions on social media.

Two outstanding projects were also presented on computational modelling for genomics, paving the way to a more efficient treatment of infectious diseases. The future of science is happening now!