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Andrzej Leder Ph D.
Professor in the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology
Of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Warsaw, Nowy Swiat 72

Andrzej Leder studied philosophy and medicine in the Warsaw University and prepared his PhD in philosophy in the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He works on the political philosophy and philosophy of culture, applying phenomenological and psychoanalytical tools, especially Lacanian psychoanalysis. Has published books in Polish: Unconsciousness Seen as the Void (2001) The Teaching of Freud in the Time of Sein und Zeit (2007), The Scratch on the Glass (2016) and two collections of philosophical essays, awarded a literary prize in 2004, available in 2013 in English as The Changing Guise of Myths. His main work in political philosophy Sleepwalking the Revolution. Exercise in Historical Logics (2014) was vastly discussed in Poland. He has also published articles in English and French philosophical reviews.