Louise LemoineMoriyama-San
France 2017 | 63 min | En anglais et japonais, sous titres en hébreu et en anglais

Un film de Ila Bêka et Louise Lemoine

A chance encounter between two music- and movie-loving strangers leads Italian director Ila Bêka to spend a week with Moriyama-San. His Japanese host lives alone in an unusual house: A series of ten white minimalist cubes, disconnected rooms spread around paths and greenery, like “A little village in the middle of the woods, in the middle of Tokyo”. The contents of the house are as challenging as its design. Moriyama-San is a huge fan of noise music, subversive literature, and experimental cinema. He has never left Tokyo, but his inner world knows no bounds. Bêka, who created the film with his partner Louise Lemoine (“The Infinite Happiness”, “Barbicania”), gently and sensitively presents this special man and his house, now one of the most well-known houses in the city.

Séances :
12/5 à 16h30 (salle 4)
16/5 à 10h30 (salle 1)
17/5 à 19h (salle 2)



    Docaviv 2017


    Festival international du film documentaire à Tel Aviv


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