Shaul Katzir


Shaul-Katzir-200-x-200-Shaul Katzir is a senior lecturer at the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University. He is a historian of science and technology with interests ranging from ancient Greek science to twentieth century physics and technology, and to the historiography on Nazi Germany. He has published extensively on the history of physics and connected technologies in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

These articles discussed among other themes: the role of and interactions between traditions and styles of research, symmetry in physics, molecular versus phenomenological approaches, precise experiments, piezoelectricity, electro-magnetic technology, relativity and early quantum theory. In recent years Katzir focuses on the interactions between physics and technology. At the focus of this study stands the transformation of piezoelectricity into technologically applied phenomena during WWI and its aftermath, leading to technologies such as sonar and the quartz clock. The invention and consequences of the later are the subject of a cluster of recent articles, examining scientific, technological social and cultural aspects.