Yigal Bin-Nun was born in Casablanca, Morocco. He attained his BA and MA in history and in French Literature at Tel Aviv University, and his PhD at Paris VIII University with a thesis on “The secret Relations Between Morocco and Israel 1955-1967 and the Clandestine Emigration”.

His second PhD thesis from the École Pratique des Hautes Études, Section Epigraphy deals with “The Historiography of the Texts Describing the Emergence of the Kingdom of Israel, The Stories of their Ancestral Traditions and Their Changes in Judah”. He was a lecturer at Paris VIII University and his numerous publications pertain to the History of Independent Morocco and the Historiography of Biblical Texts.

He published the book “Psychosis or an Ability to Foresee the Future? The contribution of the World Jewish Organizations to the Establishment of Rights for Jews in Independent Morocco, 1956-1961”, REEH Paris, 2004. In Press his new book in Resling Editions “A Breef History of Yahwe”, Tel Aviv 2016.