“DNA: the hard-drive of the futur?”
A discussion lead by Professor Zohar Yakhini from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

[23.03.2020] Due to the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Café des Sciences given by Professor Zohar Yakhini, initially scheduled for 25 March 2020, is postponed to a later date. We will keep you updated about the next scientific event organized by the French Institute.

Café des sciences_évT FB_#11For its 11th edition of the Café des Sciences, the French Institute in Israel invites you to discover how it will one day be possible to save all of your computer data in a few micrograms of DNA. Come and share this evening with us in the presence of professor Zohar Yakhini, a specialist of the topic on the 25th of March at the French Institute, 7 Rothschild boulevard, Tel-Aviv.

For those who would have missed the previous editions of the Café des Sciences, the concept is simple : We dissect a scientific topic in a friendly environment, where science enthusiasts are free to discuss with academics and experts in this very topic.  After dealing, among other things, with the mysteries of dark matter, micro-organisms, and music, this eleventh edition will focus on the revolutionary idea of storing mind-boggling amounts of data on DNA strands.  This futuristic technology has now become  a reality and might very well be the only way we will manage to answer to the ever-increasing demand for data storage.

Nowadays, more than 2.5 billion Gigabits of data are created in the world every single day. In order to save your photos, videos and tweets, internet giants invest billions of dollars in gigantic, energy intensive infrastructures. With the appearance of emerging countries on the internet and the growth of online services, the storage demand increases exponentially every year.

The research team of Prof. Zohar Yakhini develops technics that allow the storage and retrieval of data on strands of DNA. Those technologies promise to allow the storage of the entire content of YouTube in a few grams of DNA, for millions of years and without a need for maintenance ! Needless to insist on the revolutionnary nature of such technics. The researchers remind us that DNA evolved for billions of years in order to become a stable and efficient way of storing the genome of living beings, which explains why we can today read the DNA of animals that have been dead for tens of thousands of years.  We will learn more about the state of the art of these technologies during this edition of the Café des Sciences which promises to be fascinating !

The “Café des Sciences” is a monthly event offered and organized by the French Institute in Israel thanks to the involvement of young French researchers working in Israeli laboratories. Such events are an opportunity for scientists to share their work and to promote French-Israeli research, thus highlighting the cooperation between our scientific communities.