CAFÉ DES SCIENCES : Will global warming remove the fish from our diet ?


Will global warming remove the fish from our diet?  
A conversation with Aurora Campo, post-doctoral researcher at the Volcani Research Center (Agricultural Research Organization – ARO)

Tuesday, December 13, 2022, 8:00 pm
Café Kiosko | HaRav Yizkhak Yedidya Frenkel 31

About the genome and its evolution
The Kiosko café will host the last edition 2022 of the "Café des Sciences" of the French Institute of Israel on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 8:00 pm. It will give the floor to researcher Aurora Campo, a specialist in bioinformatics whose career path has taken her from Spain to Norway, France and Israel. Passionate about underwater life, the scientist studies mutations affecting the genome of fish. She will highlight the correlation between environmental stress due to global warming and genetic mutations in fish organisms. Her analysis of specific biological issues is aimed at the general public, and feeds into a broader reflection on current food consumption patterns and their probable evolution in the years to come.

Once a month, the "Café des Sciences" offers to dissect a scientific subject in a friendly place where science enthusiasts, the curious or neophytes can discuss scientific issues with researchers and academics experts in the field. As part of the Institute's efforts to promote scientific excellence and the advancement of women in this field, the "Café des Sciences" was organized in 2022 around the thematic cycle of Women in Science. On the occasion of this 8th meeting, the French Institute gives the floor to the researcher Aurora Campo.

About Aurora Campo
Aurora Campo is a European researcher working on the conservation of endangered fish. She studied at the University of Barcelona and worked in Norway for several years notably as a research engineer before doing her PhD in France at Sorbonne University (Paris 6). Back then, she was part of the European project IMPRESS as a Marie Curie Fellow. Aurora is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher in bioinformatics at Agricultural Research Organization Volcani. Her lab studies the biology of cultured fish species, focusing on their response and adaptation to environmental stress. Her project aims specifically at better understanding the genomic variation in the Nile, Mozambique and blue tilapias as a mechanism of environmental adaptation (under salinity and temperature challenges).
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Tuesday, December 13th, 7:00 pm
Café Kiosko | HaRav Yizkhak Yedidya Frenkel 31

Conversation held in english
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